Message from Tracy Watts

Sometimes in business as in life we find ourselves having to say goodbye to people we have come to view not only as colleagues, customers and staff, but friends. After 30 years in business, tracywatts will be turning off the sewing machines for the last time on October 31st. Thank you for so many wonderful years of hats. I will miss all the beautiful photos of you wearing my hats and the adventures I hope you will continue to have with them. I am excited about the next chapter in my life and look forward to sharing my new projects and
adventures with you. 
Tracy Watts



Vogue Mexico, February 2019 *Belle Cloche

Elements Magazine, Winter 2016 *Positano  


InStyle Spain, Summer 2015 *Grace Visor I A Green Beauty Magazine, Spring 2015 *Drizzel Hood


Women's Health, April 2015 * Jagger Fedora


Allure, Cara Delevingne, Nov. 2014 * Drizzle Rain Cloche  |   Elle UK, Nov. 2014 * Fallen Angel Bowler 


           No Tofu Magazine, Fall 2014 * Grace Visor    |    Women's Health, Summer 2014 * Ross Cap 


In Style Magazine, July 2014 * Lauren Fedora in Yellow | Glamour Magazine, May 2014 * Coquette Visor in Red


O Magazine Cover, July 2014 | A Green Beauty Magazine, Summer 2014 * Dunaway Fedora * Fawcett Sunhat


Elle UK, Spring 2014 * Drizzle Rain Hat | 360 Mag 2013 * Grace Visor I Accessories Mag 2013 * Drizzle Rain Hat


Bullett * Drizzle Rain Hood | Bergdorfs Goodman * Homberg | SELF * Visor | Brides 2013 * French 75 Veiled Beret


MV Mag 2013 | Foam Magazine 2013 * Canvas Visor | Glamour 2013 *Grace Visor | Shape 2013 *Coquette Visor


Harper's Bazaar 2013 * French 75 Headband | Nasty Gal * Coquette Visor 


Inked Mag * Waxed Cap | Life Conscious * Studded Cap | Rachel Antonoff * Bcap | Opening Ceremony * Veiled Beret


Rachel Antonoff * Bcap | Glamour * Lauren Fedora | Who What Wear * Silver Bcap | SELF * Striped Sunhat


Caviar Content * Bcap | Teen Vogue * Veiled Band | Teen Vogue * Leather Bcap | Where NY * Bensonhurst Bcap






All tracywatts hats are made to order in different sizes. To find your size, follow these steps to measure the size of your head:

1) Take a tape measure and place it around your head, as in the illustration to the left.

2) Place the tape measure just above your brow and along the top of your ears, and wrap it all the way around until the tape meets together. 

3) You just measured your head size! Make note of the inches, and compare it to our standard sizes, below.



If our standard sizes aren't quite right for you, or if you're concerned about choosing a size, send us an email (! We love to help, and will happily create hats to custom measurements. 


tracywatts hats are handmade, so small size variations may occur from one hat to the next. Many of our styles come with an elastic or ribbon drawstring sewn into the head size ribbon.

If your hat feels too tight, try loosening the drawstring or taking it out all together.  If your hat feels loose, try tightening the drawstring. We also  recommend slightly wetting the inner ribbon of your new hat and then putting it on. The ribbon will shrink a little bit and feel tighter. Repeat the process until you reach the perfect fit.