The true essence of millinery made in Brooklyn

Brooklyn based milliner  Tracy Watts creates handmade and unique designs for both men and women. Since her emergence in 1993, she has stayed true to the craft and the intricate details that set her hats apart from all the rest.

Each finishing touch is all done by hand and vintage machinery through artisinal methods. Utilizing both traditional cut and sew and hand blocking methods, her hats are sought after around the world from New York and Paris to Tokyo.

As an artist and mould maker, it was inevitable that Tracy would find her niche in the sculptural world of hat design. She studied at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and under the tutelage Mme XXXX from Balenciaga, and found an outlet for the many ideas that have formed her collection of men and women’s hats. Tracy Watts Hats designs, manufactures and distributes a full contemporary line of women and men’s designer hats from our studio and showroom in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn, New York.

The name Gowanus is thought to derive either from Gowane, a Canarsee tribe leader, or the Dutch word for bay, gouwee. In 1636, Gowanus Bay was the site of the first settlement by Dutch farmers in what is now Brooklyn. The Gowanus Canal was built in 1848 to join Red Hook’s port to the interior of Brooklyn. Barges carried sandstone and lumber down the waterway, bringing in the raw materials for the stately brownstones of Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, and Cobble Hill.The Tracy Watts studio and showroom is part of the Gowanus history as well.

Our studio building was originally a men’s knitwear factory built in the 1800’s in the industrial section of Brooklyn near the Gowanus Canal.


All Tracywatts hats are made to order in different sizes. To find your size, follow these steps to measure the size of your head:

1) Take a tape measure and place it around your head, as in the illustration to the left. Place it just above your brow and along the top of your ears, and wrap it all the way around until the tape meets together. 

2) This will give you the circumference measurement of your head. Make note of it, and compare it to our standard sizes, below.

3) If our standard sizes aren't quite right for you, or if you're concerned about choosing a size, send us an email (!

We love to help, and will happily create hats to custom measurements.