tracywatts hats are standard sizes (XS 22.5”, S 23”, M 23.5”, L 24”). Our hats are handmade, so small size variations may occur from one hat to the next. 

If your hat feels loose, we recommend slightly wetting the inner ribbon of your new hat and the putting it on. The ribbon will shrink a little bit and feel tighter. Repeat the process until you reach the perfect fit. 

Many of our styles come with an elastic or ribbon drawstring sewn into the head size ribbon. If your hat feels loose, try tightening the drawstring. Alternatively, if your hat feels too tight, try loosening the drawstring or taking it out all together.



All Tracywatts hats are made to order in different sizes. To find your size, follow these steps to measure the size of your head:

1) Take a tape measure and place it around your head, as in the illustration to the left.

2) Place the tape measure just above your brow and along the top of your ears, and wrap it all the way around until the tape meets together. 

3) You just measured your head size! Make note of the inches, and compare it to our standard sizes, below.

If our standard sizes aren't quite right for you, or if you're concerned about choosing a size, send us an email (! We love to help, and will happily create hats to custom measurements.